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Texas Hold Em Strategy
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At one time, “Seven-Card Stud” was the most popular of the casino and club games, but the last decade there has been a phenomenal rise in the popularity of “Texas Hold’ Em,” also known as “Hold ‘Em”. The game seems to have originated in Texas, and many of the early great players came from the “cone Star State”. About the Game The Annual “World Series of Poker,” is held at Binlon’s Horseshoe in Las Vegas, Nevada. That world champion is the winner of No-Limit “Texas Hold’ Em" Tournament.

Texas hold em poker has increased in popularity with the growth of the Internet and the introduction of televised poker. The turning point was when Chris Moneymaker, a totally unknown amateur, won the World Series of Poker and $2 million after winning his seat in a $33 satellite online. Since then poker and especially Texas holdem has become a favorite pastime for people all across the globe and casino gamers are also playing video poker in increasing numbers.

The game itself is intriguing and simple to follow; yet, it has a devilish complexity to it. One reason for its popularity is that it looks deceptively simple. Unlike “Seven Card Stud,” the players only have to follow the cards on board, and the two in their hands. All the cards on Board are community cards, belonging to every player. In Seven-Card Stud” and “Hi-Lo Split”, 8 or better, a player must follow each competing hand, remembering what cards have been dealt out and what cards have already been folded. It’s much more strenuous mentally than “Hold ’Em”, where the only cards the player sees are his own and the board.

How to Play Texas Hold Em

There are nine seats available allowing a maximum of nine players. Seat one is left of the dealer, the seats are numbered clockwise, with the last seat, to the right of the dealer, known as seat nine. This game has no ante; each player pays a fee of $6 per half-hour. Some casinos, a rake will be taken from each game, usually $3 or 5% of the pot, whichever is less.

Now that your in the game, you see the following: prior to the deal, one player, to the left of the button, puts in $5 as his “small Blind”, and the player to his left puts in $10, the “Big Blind”. The deal and Betting rounds: The cards are dealt in a clockwise fashion, first go to the “Small Blind” and then around the table. They are dealt face down, one to each player, then again starting with the “Small Blind”, another card, face down, is also dealt. The Blinds are known as “live Blinds”, that is when the bets come around to them, they may “Call”, “raise”, or “fold”.

Now that each player has two “hole” or “pocket” cards, the first round of betting begins. The player to the immediate left of the “Big Blind” begins. He can either “Call”, “raise”, or “fold”. Checking is not permitted on this round of play. If you check, you’re out of the game. If you call, you must equal the “Big Blind” by betting $10. If you raise, you make it $20. After all of the players have bet, that round of play is over. Lets assume the button is with you at seat number one, the “Small Blind” is seat number two and the “Big Blind” is seat number three. Seat number four bets, seat number five and six fold, but seat number seven raises to $20. Seats number eight and nine call the raise, as does seat four. You, as the button, fold. as do both blinds. Four players remain in the game.

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